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The DMBE has four (4) core program areas:
(1) Certification;
(2) Procurement Reporting and Coordination;
(3) Outreach; and
(4) Administrative Services.

The Certification Service Area is responsible for the certification of eligible small, women-, and minority-owned businesses to participate in the SWaM Procurement Initiative. This service area also certifies Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) for participation under the Virginia Unified Certification Program (as part of the federal DBE Program). Service Disabled Veterans are also able to obtain SWaM certification upon receipt of their certification by the Department of Veterans Services and by meeting the eligibility requirements of the SWaM Program.

The DMBE also works collaboratively with numerous state agencies to collect procurement data and provide statistical analyses and reports regarding the Commonwealth’s procurement of goods and services from SWaM vendors. The Procurement and Reporting Service Area focuses on the two very important aspects of the SWaM Procurement Initiative: increasing expenditures with SWaM vendors through match-making and providing accurate statistical data.

The Outreach Service Area is charged with the following:
• Developing and implementing a statewide marketing plan to improve the DMBE's image, and promote its services and programs;
• Participating in and collaborate with state agencies to promote SWaM and DBE participation;
• Providing SWaM and DBE (or eligible vendors) with certification, management and technical assistance;
• Developing outreach collaborations between federal, state, and local governments, and non-governmental entities; and
• Providing guidance and one-on-one counseling to vendors, procurement officials, agencies, and executives.

The Administrative Services area focuses on the administration of the agency's operations, including but not limited to daily operations, human resources, fiscal transactions and compliance, reporting requirements, and staffing. This group handles all Freedom of Information requests and preparation of all formal reports on behalf of the agency.


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